Personal digital caricature portrait from a photo – drawing by artist’s hand

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210.00 300.00 
For the caricature file excluding printing

A digital caricature portrait is an illustration that Kirill, the artist behind the company, personally draws by hand using a tablet computer.
The digital cartoon portrait can be printed and framed, or obtained as a high-quality file for self-printing, or printed on a mug, t-shirt, pillowcase, wooden block, magnet, door sign, mouse pad, apron, visor hat and so on.

How do I order? You need to describe exactly what you want to be in the caricature, for example:
– The simplest option: “Noam in a blue polo shirt”, half the body without a personal theme will be drawn in the clothes you requested.
– The option with a personal theme: “Maya sitting in the office, with coffee in one hand and a phone in the other with TikTok open, on a computer screen and YouTube icon. Wearing…”
– Option with a complex personal theme (extra charge for complexity): “Yoni riding a flying vehicle, dressed in superhero clothes, with a phone in his right hand and a laptop in his left. Tel Aviv Towers in the background, the sky with numbers like in the movie The Matrix. A large headline in the upper right corner: “YONNEO”, dedication in the lower left corner: “Love, Noa. August 2030.”

It’s important to note that you need to describe exactly what you want in the painting, because any background changes that weren’t specified in the first place are at an additional cost.

In total, it takes about 2-4 days to create the drawing, including a stage of corrections, depending on the level of complexity.
100% satisfaction guaranteed! If a correction is needed, you give comments, and we correct it and send you the improved file by email until you are satisfied with the result.

Finally, you get the JPG/PDF file with the high-resolution image, ready to print at home or printed as a picture or a product you have ordered.

To understand how it works, read about the ordering and service process, and if you still have questions, click on the chat button on the side.

Ready to order? If everything is clear, you you need to find the pictures and think about the concept for the painting/ Then proceed with the order at this page, while uploading the photos and filling the order form.

  • Every additional element, character, and detail in the background affect the scope of the work.

    • Additional person in the same drawing

      90.00 130.00 

      To add more characters to the same drawing, select the number of additional people and the desired level of complexity.
      Another character is any person, pet, figure, or model of a vehicle that you want to be similar to the original in the drawing
      There is also an option to add the same person with a different body and the same head, which is suitable for drawing a life story of the same person.

      There is a discount for quantities that will appear automatically in the basket after clicking on the "order" button

    • Upgrade background complexity

      0.00 100.00 

      A background can be plain (transparent, colorful), simple personal (default), or complex custom, by your choice.
      If you don't know how to choose or don't care, leave the field unchanged.

  • You can print a copy of the painting on a gift product of your choice. In any case, you will also receive an original file that you can print yourself in the future.

    Thick paper poster

    Digital printing or plotter, depending on the size, high quality colors.

    Board with lamination

    Printing on 10 mm rigid foam board with laminated coating and wall mount

    Canvas on wooden frame

    High quality printing, with coating, long lasting


    Professional printing in photo quality, glued on a large magnet

    Wooden block - photoblock

    4 cm thick block of wood, high-quality photo printing

    A variety of bags


    The shirt is made of quality fabric, 100% cotton, uniform cut, round collar. Transfer printing, and sticker on the fabric. Resistant to washing in the machine

    A rectangular pillowcase

    • the pillow not encluded

    Mug / bottle

    Microfiber towel

    Kitchen apron


    White sweatshirt

    A shirt with long sleeves and an inner fleece layer, a perfect gift for winter! 100% cotton, transfer printing, sticker on the fabric. Resistant to washing in the machine

    Personal door sign

    Be original with a personal sign for the entrance door to the apartment or room, made of poplar wood with a thickness of 4 mm, high-quality sublimation printing that lasts for a long time. Comes with double-sided adhesive for sticking on the door



  • The turnaround time is the net drawing time and does not include printing/shipping. Printing takes 1-3 days and delivery about 3-4 business days. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, you should make a self-pickup (in the central area).

    איפוס האפשרויות

If you want to add another character in the same drawing, mark in the designated field on the order form that you want another character, and specify the number of figures and their level of complexity.
The same applies if it is a description of the complex illustration from what is shown in the example, with a multitude of details and accessories, various elements in the background, should be marked with the option of a complex background at an additional cost.

What is included in the service?

  • The service includes a digital illustration provided in the file by email unless you order a print.
  • The painting includes the people, half the body, with or without a personal subject, meaning you can ask to be painted with an object, hobby or profession for an additional fee.
  • The person’s name on the side, logo and dedication in the name of the organization – optional
  • If you ordered printing and shipping, receive it by courier to your arrival or by self-pickup from the printing vendor in Rishon LeTzion

What is the service process?

You upload during the order or email us the photos,
The painter makes the sketch and sends you the artwork for approval on WhatsApp / email for confirmation and proofreading. You give feedback and the artist improves it as needed.
After you have approved the drawing, we send the final file to your email or print it as ordered. Then it is sent by courier to you or you can collect by yourself from the supplier in the central area of Israel.

So how do I order?

Photos: If you have clear shots of everyone on your phone/computer, great. If there isn’t, you have to take pictures or ask their friends/download from Facebook.

  • Photos big enough to keep the face sharp when it is enlarged to the whole phone screen or computer monitor.
  • A smiling face, and not too exaggerated
  • Straight shooting angle, front view
  • Women are advised to have loose hair or add a photo of a ponytail/braid from the side/describe in words

Uploading: You upload the photos during the order + mention in the comments who is being pictured and in which photo.
By email: rename the photo files with the name of the person + add the eyes and hair color
By WhatsApp: Send each photo separately, and write below a person’s name, eye color, hair color, and the hobby (if ordered).
Upload and share on Google Drive: When it comes to dozens of people, you will receive a link to upload the images, or share your Drive folder with us.
Images that are not good enough the artist will ask to be replaced, it is worth making an effort to obtain better pictures to get better results.

  • Complete the details in the order and click “Add to cart”
  • If you have a discount coupon, please enter it during the checkout.
  • Complete the order by filling in your details. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Bit/Paybox/Pay payment application.
  • Once the order has been received and paid, we will get back to you with the order confirmation and questions if it is necessary to complete the information or materials required for the order.
  • After a few days, or according to the agreed schedule, you will receive the sketch for approval to WhatsApp or email and you can approve or comment on the improvement as needed, the painter corrects and sends again until your final approval.
  • Payment 100% in advance by credit card / bank transfer / app

Why should you choose us?

  • Realistic cartoon-style portraits of the people
  • Proofreading and repair service as needed until you are satisfied
  • The painting is 100% handmade artwork
  • 20 + years of experience in the field with hundreds of satisfied customers who return again and again

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