Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Caricature Online service. If you have a question that you can’t find an answer here, contact us.

Half body without personal subject
Half body with a personal theme
A whole body with a standard personal theme
A whole body with a complex personal theme
What if I order a painting and it doesn’t turn out similar?

Our service includes proofreading by email/WhatsApp, that you receive the artwork for approval before printing or in advanced mode, and if necessary can request to improve. Even with 20 years of experience, we repair paintings on a daily basis and this is a normal work process that every order goes through.
Our goal is for you to be satisfied so we correct until it comes out perfect.

What is a digital caricature or digital illustration technique?

Drawing with a handmade tablet or whiteboard, using drawing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook, or Procreate. The illustration is provided as a file for use on social networks, as a greeting, or to print on an image or product. The printing can be done alone or ordered with us.
Small elements can be included
Easier to make repairs
You can add logos and a printed dedication
Can be duplicated in several copies
Its disadvantages:
requires printing to become a product,
Therefore, its cost consists of the cost of the illustration work (file) and the cost of printing separately as an addition to the illustration.

What is traditional technique painting?

Traditional handmade illustration – drawing done with traditional tools such as pencil, marker, brush and real colors such as acrylic or ink, directly on top of the image or product.
Looks authentic, as a real peace of art
Cheaper in total compared to digital one, because it is drawn directly on the material and does not require printing
It is not possible to insert too many/small elements into the painting due to the limitations of tools size and the technique
You cannot combine a 1:1 logo but a hand-drawn version of it (inaccurate)
It is harder to make fundamental changes, even though it is possible, to reach the portrait similarity to the original
It is not possible to reproduce a copy on another product unless the original is photographed, improved in photo manipulation software, and then printed

Traditional painting compared to digital

Digital is more accurate because the computer tool allows for higher levels of accuracy in line thickness and greater flexibility in improving drawing when it needs to be corrected.
Digital can be replicated on different images and products, as opposed to traditional which exists in only one original copy.
The disadvantage of the digital is a more “artificial” style compared to the traditional one, which seems more authentic because of its rudeness.
Traditional is usually cheaper than digital because digital consists of 2 stages – drawing + printing, with the traditional already drawn directly on the material.

Can I request to add another person to the same drawing?

Drawing each person in the same picture requires additional work, so every additional person in the same painting is done at an additional cost. For making the couple or group drawing there is no need to provide group photos, but it’s enough to send separate people photos, and we will already make sure to unite the figures in the joint painting.
The option can be added during the order process on the product page of the order form.

Can I add pets or characters to my painting?

If you want us to draw the pet or known character, that should be recognized in the painting, it requires drawing an accurate portrait/caricature, as it was a human. Therefore the cost would be like another person in the same drawing. Drawing an animal or a character can be more complex than a person because animals usually have a lot of fur.

What is considered a complex background?

If the scene you are describing includes more than 3 items per person, and in the background, you need a multitude of elements and props, which is actually a combination of several subjects, this is considered a complex subject and therefore will require an additional fee.
You can choose the extra options during the booking process, and if the idea is even more complex than the chosen option covers, we will contact you to approve it or reduce the requirements.

Can I use the illustration I ordered as a logo or advertising for my business?

All services by default are intended for private non-commercial use only. It means you can’t make a profit from it, use it as a business logo, and expect for exclusive rights. We usually reuse the artwork parts (except the faces) for other customers or in the caricature app. So, only if the service title you have ordered contains any of the words “business”, “logo” or “commercial”, you can youse it for the commercial proposes, and be sure your artwork is exclusive and one-of-a-kind. In other words, it cannot be used for business purposes without our consent, but at an additional cost which is approximately double the price of the regular ones. This is especially true for digital illustrations, as parts of them become templates for the caricature app, which is used by other customers and orders. After all, if you decide to use an illustration as a logo, you won’t want to find it also used by another customer’s advertising, package, or products. Also, drawing for a business purpose has more requirements and corrections because it is natural for a business owner to want his logo perfect and therefore ask for more improvements, which increases the scope of work on the same illustration

Can I get my money back if I’m not happy with the painting?

If you are not satisfied with the painting, we will improve it until you are satisfied. As a rule, according to the Consumer Protection Law, the return of funds requires the business owner who receives a product in its original packaging from the customer and can sell it to another customer for the same amount. Therefore, this law explicitly states that the product or service created specifically for the customer (it cannot be sold to another customer) does not require the supplier to return money in case of cancellation. Therefore, if you do not trust us, it is better not to order, and if you have already ordered, trust us that we will do everything so that you will be satisfied with the final product.

What is a photo caricature, or a caricature made in AI software?

Computerized caricature is done with the help of artificial AI, where the person’s head is automatically recognized and cropped out from your photo, with or without a filter. You can combine the head with the cartooned body and background from a large gallery of templates that you can choose and customize in the self-design interface or with our help.
The advantage of our app is that the head is combined with the original background and cartooned body and not just a picture with applied filters.
The advantage of illustration made with the app:
Cheaper price (about half of a handmade illustration), because made with the help of a computer without the touch of an artist.
Add characters to the same illustration without limitation and at no extra charge (self-designed)
Can be duplicated and printed on any product
Background and illustrated body that looks cool and well-designed
Text and logo addition option
You can send it as a greeting or print it on products
The head is not painted by hand but is a photo after a computerized effect or as is
You can’t request a personal topic that doesn’t exist in existing body/background templates

Can I use body illustrations, backgrounds, and templates on your own website?

The answer – no. Whether you purchased a subscription to the application or not, whether you ordered a painting that we drew for you for a private purpose or even for business purposes, the copyright in the illustration is ours and the artwork cannot be used without our consent. The only case in which an illustration can be used for business purposes, including selling it to others, is if you ordered the illustration precisely for this purpose – for use as a template on your website or business.